Pool Rules

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French Quarter Pool, Spa and Deck Rules

  • SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK! There is no lifeguard on duty.
  • NO SMOKING in the pool or spa. Smoking is allowed only in the designated smoking area. Please discard cigarettes in the designated containers.
  • Glass items are not permitted in the pool, spa or deck area. Glass items may only be used inside the clubhouse
  • Food and beverages are not permitted within 4 feet of the pool or spa.
  • No minors below the age of 21 are allowed to consume alcohol in the Pool/Club House fenced in area or any French Quarter Common Area at any time.
  • Owners/residents are required to clean their area when finished.
  • Posted pool and spa rules must be observed at all times.
  • Please shower before entering the pool or spa.
  • The emergency phone is located by the restrooms.
  • Diving, jumping, running, and horseplay are not permitted and should be reported to French Quarter HOA.
  • No one is allowed in the fountains, flowerbeds, waterfall basin, or equipment areas, or on the pillars at any time.
  • Flotation devices, balls, and diving equipment are only permitted if they do not interfere with other swimmers.
  • Children who use diapers must wear a swimmers' diaper while in the pool or spa.
  • No standing on the fountain in the wading pool or decorative fountains.
  • Only service animals; e.g., seeing-eye dogs, are allowed in the Clubhouse facility or pool/spa area. Animals are not allowed in the pool or wading area at anytime.
  • The pool will be closed during adverse weather and during cleaning.
  • No reservations of chairs or lounges. One chair or lounge per person.
  • Proper swimming attire is required for pool use. No cutoffs.
  • The pool, spa and deck area cannot be reserved at any time; it is a community facility for the use of all French Quarter property owners.
  • Only families and allotted guests of French Quarter property owners are allowed in the pool area at any time.  Families are designated as immediate family members to include parents, children, and grandchildren.
  • No more than two (2) guests are allowed per guest card.
  • Decorations are not allowed in the pool, spa and deck areas.


Posters and Signs

  • No signs of any sort may be posted upon or in the French Quarter facilities.  
  • No advertising leaflets, papers, or written material may be distributed within the French Quarter facilities.
  • Any material must be posted by and approved by the French Quarter HOA Board of Directors.



Monday: Closed for maintenance (If Monday is a holiday, maintenance will be Tuesday)

Tuesday            8:30 am             10:00 pm

Wednesday      8:30 am             10:00 pm

Thursday          8:30 am             10:00 pm

Friday               8:30 am             10:00 pm

Saturday           8:30 am             10:00 pm

Sunday             8:30 am             10:00 pm

Gate code is 2843  Restroom Code is 2135



A printable version of our pool and clubhouse rules, and the clubhouse reservation application can be found here:

Clubhouse & Pool Rules                                      Clubhouse Reservation Application


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